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How to fix a Timeout Erorr while mounting a LUN in NetApp SnapDrive

When you are trying to mount a LUN (by using Connect Disk) in SnapDrive, you may get an error saying:

A timeout of 120 secs elapsed while waiting for volume arrival notification from the operating system.

This generally occurs when you have created a LUN using the NetApp System Manager first, and then tried to connect to it in SnapDrive.

The reason for this error message is that when SnapDrive is connecting to a disk, it expects to see a formatted partition being connected – and when this doesn’t occur, it doesn’t know what to do and times out.

NetApp LUN Timeout

Clean Up The Mess

As the LUN mapping has failed half way through, you need to remove the igroups that have been added to the LUN, otherwise you will receive a The specified LUN /vol/xxx is already mapped to at least one initiator error.

  • Connect to the filer using telnet
  • Run the following command:
lun unmap /vol/YourLUNName youriGroupName

You will get a message back saying the igroup has been unmapped from the LUN.

Connect The LUN Again

Open SnapDrive and start connecting to your LUN again, as the process starts to occur you will see the following status messages appearing:

Connect the LUN Again

  • At this point, open up Computer Management and then in the left navigation pane select Disk Management
  • You will notice a new, unformatted drive appear. If you don’t see it keep refreshing until it appears

LUN Attached as Un-formatted Volume

  • You will need to be quick (you only have 120 seconds until time out remember), so initialize the disk

LUN Attached as Un-formatted Volume

  • After the disk has initialized, right click on the empty drive space and choose Format and follow the prompts to format the disk and specify the drive letter you choose when connecting to the LUN using SnapDrive

Format the Disk

SnapDrive should now discover the disk and map it correctly. To prevent this occurring in the future, create your LUN’s using the SnapDrive interface instead of NetApp System Manager, as SnapDrive will format the LUN on creation.